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raw material products in malaysia

so fast empire located in taman industri bolton, batu caves selangor.  We are the leading trader and supplier for raw material products  in malaysia.

our raw material products, mostly purpose for food additive, cosmetics, personal care and related industries.

We take pride in our organization’s standard and only provide our clients the most sought-after and profitable brands. 


At SO FAST EMPIRE , We Provide an integrative solution which include logistics, logistics support and facilities. These include administrative support such as documentation and tracking management of movement of goods; and physical support which include production and supply of materials required such as pallets and other packing material, storage/warehousing for goods which also include handling and perishable items.

We clearly understand the importance of reliable, quick and timely transport of products for businesses in various industries. Our logistics teams offer their experience and expertise in all types of transportation. Regardless of the type and size of your products, we are ready to assist you with air, ocean, ground and inter-modal freight forwarding.

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